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The Power of One Employee consistently performs high-quality work, goes above and beyond normal job assignments, demonstrates a willingness to work with others, always has a positive attitude, displays exceptional dependability and volunteers to help wherever needed.

The employee:

  • Consistently performs high-quality work.
  • Performs extra duties beyond those normally assigned.
  • Demonstrates a willingness to work with others and assist whenever needed or requested.
  • Always has a positive attitude.
  • Displays exceptional dependability.
  • Volunteers for and works on special projects and provides creative suggestions for working conditions.
  • Has a good relationship with co-workers.

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In the space below, please describe a specific situation or story that demonstrates how this nurse or employee made a meaningful difference in your care, or the care of your loved one. Specifically, did this person consistently perform high quality work, do extra duties beyond normal assignments, and display a positive attitude?