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Excellent. Extremely well planned and efficient. Would highly recommend this office .

   — Robert Collins


Absolutely love Dr. Webster. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen him in a while due to lack of insurance, but he was my primary for a while. I highly recommend! He is extremely knowledgeable and has great bedside manner. Staff is also helpful and very friendly.

   — Jesenia Calderon


Dr. Webster has been my Primary Care Physician for over 24 years. 24 Years is a long time - and through it all he has treated me with dignity and respect. He was always accessible and communicated at a level that I understood and what I needed to do to resolve the problem(s) presented. His staff has also been there for me and I would like to thank them for all they have done for me.

   — Rick Keagle


My mom just relocated here from Washington and was having a hard time finding a new doctor that she felt comfortable with. Most Dr.s will never look at you when talking to you or rush you out the door. He took his time and asked her lots of questions. He was very friendly and explained what he was going to do. Gave her a referral within minutes of us speaking to him. I am so happy with his service.

   — Brenda J.


I will continue to recommend Webster Family Practice to anyone I know because of how professional and knowledgeable everyone is there. am very satisfied with the care provided to me by Webster Family Practice.

   — James P.


The overall dentistry is super friendly and makes you feel comfortable throughout the whole dental process. They were able to provide the dental care I needed in a timely manner as well.

   — James C.


I have been a patient for 5 plus years, the process always run very smoothly. I am in and out in no time. They certainly care about their patients!

   — Casey R.


I am very comfortable with the staff members as well as Dr. Webster. They always make you feel at ease and cared for. I will definitely continue going there.

   — Lowell W.


The practice is very clean and inviting. The check in and check out process is always conducted in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Dr. Webster and her staff.

   — Jerry H.


The staff here is great, very helpful. They greeted me warmly right when I arrived and were helpful answering questions about my paperwork.

   — Margaret L.


Dr. Webster always makes it easy for me to schedule an appointment. He is a very friendly guy and an excellent dentist. I completely trust him and his staff.

   — Shaunab28881


I am always busy running around and I never have to worry about waiting when i go in for an appointment which is very important to me

   — Txfn123


My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Webster since 2005. He took time with us, answered all questions, we really felt confident going there. But as he started to expand his practice, adding a nurse practioner and a P.A., the personal touch seems to have disappeared. He is SO busy that he doesn't give the same time and personal attention as before. The people he hired seem to be qualified but we selected his practice because of him. We would like things to be not so rushed. It feels like we are back in a military hospital clinic again, where they rush you in and out.And his admin staff makes it impossible to reach him. ONE WOMAN ACTUALLY REFUSED TO TAKE A MESSAGE ASKING HIM TO CALL US! she said "he won't return your call so there is no sense in my taking a message". Also, he subscribes to the "hospitalist theory"' If you are admitted to the hospital, you won't see him. You will be treated by a doctor on staff who will send him a report. So instead of being seen by the doctor that knows you and your history, you will have to start at square one with someone new.But if you can get past all these negative issues and actually see HIM, he is a very good doctor and not afraid to send you to a specialist if he feels someone else can better treat you.

   — Sisree

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