Reviews for Autumn Fuselier, Certified Nurse Midwife


I don’t think I could express my gratitude for autumn in 1000 words. I first saw her when i was 30 weeks pregnant and i was reluctant to meet her just because i was so far into my pregnancy and i was scared she would not “approve” of my wishes for childbirth. During my first appointment she asked me what I wanted out of my labor and delivery and I expressed my wishes. She looked at me and said “okay, let’s do it”. Every single appointment i had leading up to delivery she didn’t rush me out of the room. She listened to all of my questions and answered every single one. She was extremely helpful and supportive during my labor. She would help my husband in applying counter pressure and telling me different positions to get into to help with the pain of my contractions. She supported me the entire 15 hours of my labor and not once offered something to me that she knew was outside of my wishes for my delivery. I have recommended several friends to her because I believe she is the best!

   — Samantha


I ended up seeing Autumn towards the very end of my visit and as a first time mom, I had a lot of questions that I felt were silly, but she reassured me and answered them in a way that I understood. I felt comfortable with her and ended up feeling really happy leaving my appointment. I wish I had seen her much sooner in my pregnancy as I'm already 36 weeks pregnant. Fantastic OB.

   — Victoria Colon


My OB/Midwife is Ms. Autumn, she is amazing! I actually had recently recommend a friend to see her. She always answers all of my questions and even reassures me on all of them! This is my second child and I have never experienced a strong like for an OB/Midwife until I met her. She will always be 5 stars in my book.

   — Whitney McGlothlin

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