Reviews for Enrique Gonzalez, MD


My visit was great. Nurse was nice and answered all my questions. The doctor is good and explained everything nicely. The staff was nice.

   — Olga Gonzalez


I was very satisfied with my second office visit The doctor took time and communicated clearly.

   — Barbara Thompson


Dr. Gonzalez is very thorough and had great concerns about my health. He is personable and easy to talk to. His office staff are awesome, friendly and respectful.

   — Trudy Bennett


Dr. Gonzalez ask lots of questions and give me time to answer and not feel like he's rushing out the door.

   — Doyle


It went well

   — Linda Gail Hamilton


Dr Gonzalez is always prepared for my visit and does an excellent job of explaining and answering my questions.

   — Rodney Ray Sparks


I would highly recommend Dr Gonzales. Sometimes it is hard to understand him but he will explain in detail and address your problems.

   — JoAnn Cote


My appointment went very well, the only problem was sometimes I had trouble understanding him. He was very patient with me and made sure he got his point across. It was my very first visit with him and he was very therough and even got me caught up on needed vaccinations.

   — Masel Mcginley


Dr. Enrique Gonzalez was extremely knowledgeable 9f what my concerns were. He took the time to explain everything in details. Offered more than what I expected.

   — Melissa Lytle


I think Dr. Gonzalez was very good and thorough in helping me. I have seen him twice and will be seeing him again in January. I would recommend him.

   — Good Doctor, Answered All My Questions Thoroughly.


I enjoyed my first visit. He is thorough, informative, caring and kind.

   — Conita Rogers

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