Reviews for Helmut Rauch, MD


The staff is friendly and efficient. The doctor answered my questions thoroughly.

   — Margaret Weaver


The best of the best

   — Pedro F.


Dr. Rauch is great. Listens to me and is very thorough and professional. He is very knowledgeable and patient.

   — Debra Kay McKenzie


Staff very friendly and efficient. Did not have to wait as my appointment started on time. answered all of my questions to my satisfaction.

   — Michael Korolevich


Everything went well!

   — Martha Sharpe


Dr. Rauch is always very thorough and professional. He cares about you as a person and tries to see "the big picture" and not just prescribe something to get you quickly out of there. He always has excellent suggestions about lifestyle changes and he always makes enough time to answer all your questions and address all your concerns. If you are looking for a good physician, Dr. Rauch is it!

   — Dr. Rauch Is An Excellent Physician


Very professional, efficient, and timely but did not rush through appointment.

   — Mary


Dr. Rauch is always very thorough and professional. Demonstrates concern for our health every time. Whichever MA is responsible for getting prescriptions filled should be fired. It took 8 days and 3 weeks respectably to get the last 2 prescriptions filled. Not acceptable. Should be a few days.

   — David Grisham


As always Dr Rauch is very professional, has a caring heart towards my well being.

   — Mr.R.Pursley


Dr Helmut Raunch is an excellent and outstanding doctor who cares about the patients health and well-being.

   — Bertha J Orr-Smith


Yes it were pleasure Dr Rauch examine check my complaint and listen my problem.

   — Richard Howard


Got in to see the Doctor right away and had a good visit with him .He and his staff were very helpful and professional .

   — Yvonne Gilbert


He is very good. He answers my questions. I would recommend him everyone.

   — Martha Sharpe


Dr. Rauch is an excellent doctor, very professional & knowledgeable. I feel he is informed & concerned on my personal health issues and provides excellent courses of action for my care. He always takes the time to listen & never rushes my appointments.

   — Rich Ross


Dr. Rauch is an excellent physician. He has a wonderful bedside manner & always takes time to listen to my concerns & follow up with recommendations. On several occasions when I have needed a specialist, he has referred me to other excellent doctors & follow-upped with my health issues. Would definitely recommend Dr. Rauch to anyone seeking a good family doctor!

   — Diane Ross


Very nice dr and staff

   — Carol Hobby


Dr Rauch is a very sweet man. He is kind, courteous, and respectful. He is a great listener and is very through. I have been an RN for 40 years and I would highly recommend him.

   — Cindy Henry Belcher


Dr.Rauch is a great Doctor and a very caring person with a bedside manner.????

   — James Chapoy


Excellent Doctor

   — Eunice Miranda


Great! Glad to have him as my primary care physician.

   — Tom Boren


Very professional staff and great visit with Dr Rauch, They were all very helpful.

   — Yvonne Gilbert


Totally BLEW OFF my complaints of skipping heart beats. Did the same thing regarding another complaint and visit I had. I don't trust this dr with my well being and I left.

   — Teri


I would recommend Dr. Rauch. Dr. Rauch listens carefully and is very knowledgeable. He is also very through and plans individual patient health care. He is proactive for his patient's health and arranges recommended tests and treatments in a timely manner. Dr. Rauch is a caring doctor and very professional.

   — Mrs. Tagstrom


Dr. Rauch seems like a very caring and concerned doctor who takes the time to listen to my concerns and answers all of my questions. His staff leaves a lot to be desired with taking a long time to get back to me about questions I may have and getting prescriptions refilled. The Dr. recently called me a while back about refilling a prescription I needed. I was quite surprised and impressed. That's what a Dr. should do for his patients.

   — Paul


Very professional, knowledgeable and courteous.

   — David


A very kind and caring MD. He shows that he cares about his patients.??

   — James Chapoy


Good doctor. No rush, he spent time asking and answering all questions. A good family medicine doctor. Taking time to get to know his patients. He called at 9 pm to let us know test results so grandson could get started on medications. This IS WHAT FAMILY MEDICINE SHOULD BE!

   — Harker Heights

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