Reviews for John P. Duggan Jr., MD


He operated on my right rotator cuff last year and did a Excellent Job. I have full functionality of it. That's why i am returning to him to repair my left rotator cuff.

   — Jack Boal


Dr. Duggan is very personable and listens to the patient. I have torn rotator cuffs in both shoulders and periodically the pain spikes. I can almost always get in for a shot. The entire office is very pleasant.

   — Kathryn Cornwell


Dr. Duggan ensures that he is very thorough. He chooses the actions that his patient will agree would be best. I felt like he really had my best interest in mind 100% of the time. I really appreciate his thoroughness. As long as you follow his directions and advice, you will be in good hands.

   — LaPernee Kea


I trust Dr. Duggan totally. He has done my right shoulder rotatory tear and my right wrist carpal tunnel. Plus his nurse Tiffany is excellent. Love coming here. I would recommend to anyone.

   — J.L. Spencer


My husband had a accident which resulted in a compound fracture and shattered ankle. Dr. Duggan was very attentive and supportive. Explained everything in detail multiple times and gave us his personal cell phone number in case there were any issues or concerns related to my husband’s care. I appreciated the way he took a personal interest in my husband injury and his caring bedside manner.

   — Bobbie Rodriguez


Dr. Duggan is a excellent doctor. He is concerned about my problem with my arm and is requesting tests to find out what is going on.

   — Donna J Johnston


Excellent personable care.

   — Paul Podhorn, Jr.


I can say I have never had a problem with his office or Dr Duggan, I had total knee replacement and I have very light scar. My range of motion is back to as normal as it can be with a knee replacment. He took my phone call at five in the morning when all the meds wore off and told me what to do remember this is at 5am and he was kind not irritated I called him at home. He was patient and always upfront on what was going on with the progression of the recovery. I have never had to wait and the staff is just as nice. No infection which he always ck for. I had fallen after surgery they got me in within the hour to x-ray I highly recommend him and his staff.

   — Beatrix Paden


Doctor is fine, not so great trying to make an appointment. I've called twice now and still can't get someone to make an appointment for me. Not sure what's going on in the office.

   — SR D


Dr Duggan and his staff are very warm and friendly! My hip surgery was successful with little pain. Dr. Duggan is an excellent surgeon and I am very grateful to have been under his care. Plus, no matter how bad your day has been, he always puts a smile on your face.

   — Carolyn Rogers


Shoulder surgery was better than I could ever have hoped for. Range of motion is back. Can throw baseball again with my 9yr old son. Very little scarring. Dr Duggan set expectations and exceeded them.

   — Jeffrey Harrell


Dr. Duggan did my knee surgery and I feel 100% now. He was great and made me feel at ease.

   — KA


Very personable and I felt like the doctor really listened. I would highly recommend this doctor.

   — MA


Hands down the best experience i have ever had with a hospital and their staff. He treats you like family and will give you all the facts. They have called my husband while he was in the waiting room everytime i got moved for surgery, etc. I am sitting right now 2 days post surgery and it is going so much better than the surgery i had done last year at darnell for the exact same thing. The staff has also been calling me for the last 2 days to check on me and make sure i didnt have any questions. Everyone one was really nice and friendly and as soon as i walked through the door that morning any anxiety i had was gone because thats how comfortable they make you feel. I highly recommend Dr. Duggan and his staff at Seton Medical in Harker Heights.

   — Kaylee Hedtkamp


Dr. John Duggan was very professional. He explained the cause of the pinched nerve, and the possible treatment regimen. I was recommended to a pains management specialist, and appointment scheduled. I was very impressed with his candor.

   — Azubike O.

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