Reviews for Mythili Kasturi, M.D.


I was most fortunate to find this primary doctor about a year ago. She ( Kasturi) is absolutely amazing ....She listen to you , act quickly to help you . I would recommend her immensely. Patricia Rodriguez

   — Patricia Rodriguez


She was wonder I£

   — Charlotte Hodrick


I truly appreciate how she cares about me as her patient.

   — Natalie Strothers


She's truly wonderful, I feel comfortable with her & trust her completely.

   — Ms.Bobbie


Dr. Kasturi is the most through doctor I've ever had, she truly cares about her patients. The office staff is the most kindest, sweetest people I've ever encountered.

   — Shirall Gipson


My wait time was 5 min. Staff & Dr Kasturi we’re very polite & proficient 👍🏽

   — Jack Hill


Dr. Kasturi is very caring and very patient with my elderly mother. She is thorough and allows you to ask questions and always answers your concerns. Being a fellow health care professional, I appreciate how she treats my mother with courtesy. I have recommended her to my other co-workers and family members. I am so happy to have her in our area. She is such an asset to the Wellstone Health Clinic.

   — Maria Childs


Dr. Kasturi is my family doctor, I use Seton for all my health care needs and she is part of the Wellstone health group. I am satisfied with the service I receive from them and will continue use their services. Thanks Leon Tarnow

   — A Google User


I am so glad I picked doctor Kasturi as my primary health care provider. She is very thorough and a good listener.

   — Lenore Lawson


Excellent doctor. She really listened to my concerns and suggested two specialists for further treatment.

   — Roseanne Lawler


My mother and I are patients of Dr. Kasturi, she is very caring, thorough and an excellent listener. The quality of her care is superlative and Dr. Kasturi makes sure we understand the treatment plans she outlines, especially for my mother who is 96. We highly recommend Dr. Kasturi to anyone who is seeking a family practice or internal medicine physician. Thank you to the staff and nurses who are also an important part of the team.

   — Vijayarani Azariah


Great doctor, very thorough! She was pleasant and went through my history and physical meticulously. I'm glad that she is my primary physician. I recommend her highly.

   — Trudi


She really listens i never feel rushed . I am very happy that I found her .

   — S Babb


I like Dr. Kasturi very much. She seems well informed on illnesses and if she doesn't know something she will go out of the room and find the answer. I have a hard time understanding her at times, but it could be my hearing.

   — Stephanie Eishen


Dr. Kasturi is very kind and thorough. She made me feel very comfortable and her staff is super friendly.

   — Melanie Stout

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