Reviews for Senthil Sankaralingam, MD


I was taken like a king or something who can feel good when you are treated like royalty thank you from the bottom of my heart. Oscar flores

   — Oscar Flores


Brittney the front desk receptionist has been outstanding. I was referred to Doct S from Baylor Scott and White, It took a while for my referral to be sent over to the office. Brittney was very kind, prompt and understanding. She actually called me when the referral finally came through! I could not believe she contacted me first. Doctor Senthil is very compassionate doctor. He will be doing surgery soon for my gallbladder. However, I was thankful that he took extra measures and did extra test before recommending surgery. I feel like I am in great hands. Any time I have called with a question or concern, the office get back to me that day. Melody his assistant is also very kind and prompt. I have been in a lot of pain , but their entire team has worked to make me as comfortable as possibly until my surgery date. I am beyond thankful to have this team by my side! Thank you so much KDUVALL!

   — Kris D


Dr. S and his staff are absolutely amazing! They are professional and kind! I sure wish i could give him 10 Stars!!! He repaired my hernia and I am better than new! Don't wait to get your life back -- go see Dr. S today! =)

   — Julie Martin


Dr.S or that is what I was told to call him, he did a great job on my gallbladder surgery, I have 3 small incisions, but the recovery on mine has been rough as I have a high tolerance to pain meds, most of them do nothing for me, so its been painful with the first night no sleep as to pain 2nd night with new pain pill sleep was like a hour each time I fell asleep, so giving me a total of about 3 hours, and each day just gets a little bit better, I still can't lay down to sleep and sleep in a recliner in the sitting position or on my couch due to the fact that I have severe allergies and all my live as a smoker on top of them when I lay down flem builds up in my throat quickly and coughing is extremely painful still and I'm on day 6 of recovery, hoping soon for full recovery and full nights of sleep. Pain now is tolerable with out pain meds during the day but after being up all day and after eating the gas from food and just the everyday things I still take pain meds before bed, my system has almost completely restored to original as for bodily functions except for bowels still have to have medication for assistance. But otherwise I'm doing great.

   — Darin Kidd


I love Dr. S ....He is the best surgeon in the world. He has saved my life more than twice and really cares for his patients. I wish there were so many more providers like him. HE IS A WONDERFUL person who God has given I great gift. Thanks for everything doctor S ...!!!!

   — Christina Reynolds

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