Helping You Breathe Easy

Wellstone Health Partner Pulmonologists are skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory disorders.

Our state-of-the-art pulmonology services include:

  • Cat scans to detect cancerous cells in the lungs
  • Chest scanning to detect pneumonia, lung cancer, tuberculosis and scarring of the lung tissue
  • Nuclear lung scans to detect blood clots in the lungs
  • Pulmonary function testing to measure how well the lungs inhale and exhale air, determine the efficiency of the lungs ability to transfer oxygen into the bloodstream and diagnose lung disorders
  • Ventilation and perfusion scans to detect blood clots in the lungs, abnormal circulation in the blood vessels of the lungs and test lung function
  • A sleep lab where specially-trained technicians monitor sleep patterns including heart rate, oxygen levels and eye movement.

Office Location

800 W. Central Texas Expressway, Suite 295
Harker Heights , TX 76548

Phone: 254-618-1090
Fax: 254-618-1093

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